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My Services


The basis for implementing the right measures

My clients’ challenges are manifold. Economic problems require systematic reorientationor reorganisation, financial departments need to be “tidied up” or international business needs to be brought under control. Process reorganisation, risk management, the elimination of administrative shortcomings or also the fulfilment of compliance requirements are also on the agenda.

However, I often deal with special projects beyond normal day-to-day business operations. New solutions have to be found and often implemented swiftly with a sense of proportion. Even in these situations, I assist companies with clear results-based implementation.

My Services

Restructuring & Reorganisation

Mergers & acquisitions and post-merger integration

Reorientation and growth

Creating a base:

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»Specific experience in an industry is of indisputable value. However, new momentum tends to come from someonewith experience of companies in other sectors. This opens up new opportunities and provides new perspectives.«

Christian Lotze