Operational management as CEO after the transfer of Managing Director to another group company

Pressure vesselmanufacturing company (liquid gas containers, heat exchangers)

10/2017 bis 02/2018

Knapp 20 Mio. €

Ca. 100

Client situation leading to appointment of Interim Manager:

Interim replacement of CEO after the transfer of Managing Director within the group

Customer base

  • Liquid gas merchants
  • Heating installers

Subsidiary of a publicly listed Dutch corporation

Area of responsibility:

Interim management until recruiting of new managing director


    • Implementation of a massive price adjustment
    • ISO 9001 and 14001 re-certification
    • Realisation of a larger investment (pressure vessel welding plant)
    • Revision of the paint shop
    • Elimination of massive maintenance shortcomings
    • Promotion of occupational health and safety and tidiness in the company
    • Handling of a larger recall
    • Effective and trustful collaboration with managers and commercial employees

Special challenge:

Short period of familiarisation with the technical requirements of the welding plant and the processes within the Dutch corporation