Return to profitability and swift handling of deficit orders

Company for special engineering / plant automation (plant manufacturing, feeder and test technology)

06/2018 to 05/2021

> 30 Mio. €

Approx. 250

Client situation leading to appointment of Interim Manager:

  • Losses over years threatening the survival of the company
  • Massive problems in project acquisition and
  • Shortcomings in terms of order accounting and assessment of technical and commercial project risks
  • Shortcomings in the “mindset” of the organisation and its processes

Customer base

  • Medical technology
  • Automotive
  • Elektronics
  • Fittings manufacturers
  • Special machine manufacturers (feed and test technology)


    • Return to profitability
    • Swift termination of deficit orders
    • Assuring of proper accounting and creation of a timely and correct reporting / order calculation system
    • Revision of the order acceptance, risk assessment and order processing process
    • Preparation of the divestment of the company
    • Participation in the M&A negotiations


    • Reorganisation of the Finance and Controlling department (timely, meaningful reporting, definition of KPIs)
    • Tight cost and liquidity management
    • Revision of preliminary, ongoing and post-calculations
    • Establishment of a compliance structure in Accounting and Production
    • Strict tracking of technical and commercial project handling (technical / commercial order control)
    • Involvement of credit insurers as part of risk management
    • Alignment of insurance policies with the risk profile of the company and market requirements while simultaneously reducing costs
    • Complete redesign of the technical IT infrastructure
    • Elimination of maintenance shortcomings in production
    • Introduction of ISO 14001 / 9001 re-certification
    • Changing the “mindset” in the company to an open transparent management culture across all management levels
    • Streamlining the organisation by the removal of a management level
    • Reorganisation / reduction in personnel to lower structural personnel costs
    • Preparation for the sale and supervision of due diligence

Special challenge:

  • Coping with the coronavirus crisis in a high-risk area
  • Changing the “mindset” and management culture
  • Alteration of the IT infrastructure after a cyber-attack