Liquidation of a production and R&D site as well as asset disposal in my role as general agent

Automotive company, production of rubber metal, rubber and plastic components

04/2009 bis 2020

Ca. 10 Mio. €

Ca. 50

Client situation leading to appointment of Interim Manager:

  • Economic crisis within the Group
  • Consolidation of activities in Italy/Poland
  • No acting managing director in Germany

Customer base

    • European car manufacturer


  • Closure of a production and R&D site
  • Liquidation of assets
  • Termination of long-term contracts


  • Negotiation of the redundancy plan with closure at the end of 2009
  • Continuation of production until the last day to fulfil existing delivery commitments
  • Cost-effective termination of long-term contracts
  • Management of the proper disposal of hazardous operating materials on the 4-hectare site (wet chemicals, petroleum products etc.)
  • Securing of the abandoned premises
  • Start of negotiations with the Environmental Agency to convert the industrial area into an inner-city residential area
  • Initiation of exploratory measures to assess environmental damage and the cost of remediation
  • Initiation and supervision of the development of the land use and development plan
  • Marketing in a tender process by contacting the project developers working in the region
  • Negotiation and conclusion of an option purchase agreement
  • Negotiation of the remediation plan with the Environmental Agency together with the contracting party
  • Creation of the pre-conditions for the effectiveness of the option contract (land use plan, building plan for 500 homes)
  • Completion of the sale in September 2020 with assumption of all risks by the purchaser
  • Continued liquidation

Special challenge:

  • Transformation of the heavily polluted land into a residential property with minimal use of funds
  • Complex and lengthy negotiations with the authorities